Documentation from The Age of Dreamers is Over : a group exhibition at Grand-Union, Birmingham 3 Jun - 25 Jun 2022. Images Patrick Dandy.

Centering (Reclaimed and anagrammed shop sign #2) (2022) (Image 6) Mild steel.

The work is part of a series which uses reclaimed shop signs from former businesses anagrammed into new words, a simple action that gives the letters a new future.

Low hanging fruit (2021) (Image 2,3,4,5) Acrylic plastic, vinyl, aluminium frames, aluminium support, internal light-source, and fruit sticker.

Happy Place (2019) (Image 1 & 3) Neon sign, carabiners, chains, and acrylic plastic. 

Taken from a colouring book of famous artworks, the line drawing of a face is a vectorised version of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, here rendered in neon. Showing the eyes, nose, and mouth only, the work isolates the often remarked about stare and smile. In the French language, Da Vinci’s work is known as La Joconde, meaning the happy or the jovial one. Here, the neon is mounted as a sign on chains, like those found outside bars, shops and restaurants.

*Image 4 also includes In sleep it made itself present to them (2021) by Mina Heydari-Waite

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