House key (2023) Acrylic plastic edition.

Replica of the artist's house key in neon orange, wine red, and ashtray brown.

Install from Spike Island Open Studios, photograph Dan Weill

URAR (2017) Digital photograph.

Zadar, Croatia.

OOH (Reclaimed and anagrammed shop sign #3) (2023) (Image 6) Mild steel, plastic, and LED lighting.

The work is part of a series which uses reclaimed shop signs from former businesses anagrammed into new words; a simple action that gives the letters a new future.

Photograph Dan Weill

Modernist mesh (2023) Aluminium, and acrylic plastic.

Reverse clock (2023) Acrylic plastic, polymer clay, and glue.

Clock that moves anti-clockwise, the markings are modelled on found chewing gum.

Reverse clock detail (2023) Acrylic plastic, polymer clay, and glue.

Exhausts (2023) Risograph print edition of 50

Photograph Plymouth, UK.

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