To Live A Thousand Years In One Poem : a solo exhibition at 36 Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne 25 Oct - 29 Oct 2023. Images Matt Antoniak.

The exhibition draws on the format of the artist manifesto in an attempt to understand something about the future. The exhibition suggests a parallel between the proposed futures of this speculative framework and that of civic architecture, and the failures of modernism, the remnants of which are still present in our city environments.

Rubbings (2023) (Image 1,2,4,5,6,7) Series. Colour pastel, vinyl, tape, frame packaging material, backing paper, clip frame.

The series incorporates rubbings of street architecture; metal grids, grills, paving and stonework, and are forced/pressed into 90s style clip frames, a gesture influenced by the way promoters of circuses and funfairs infiltrate the windows and doors of abandoned shops to advertise their events. The works utilise elements of the original packaging of the frames, and include digital mark making rendered in computer cut vinyl.

Nothing New Under the Sun (2023) (Image 3 & 4) Neon sign.

Neon artwork that positions the exhibition in a continuous but artificial daylight.

To Live a Thousand Years in One Poem (2023) (Image 1,4,6,8) Two channel audio work. 

The work uses cut and sampled sections from historic artist manifestos mixed into a new edit, and features the voice of Ellen Blanc.

Wall Painting (2023) (Image 1,4,6) Wall painting using a pressure sprayer designed for industrial use and weed killing.